Saturday, April 12, 2014

More buddies Kurt and Tina's tent

Check out this beautiful space in Texas that belongs to my friends Kurt and Tina Wilhelmi.  I am so lucky to call these two friends.  Not only do they help me set up, haul all my stuff to and from Texas, constantly fix stuff, they put up with me and all my issues!!!!  They are set up down in Warrenton and their show opens about a week before mine.  So normally there are still some good pieces left for me to take to Marburger for my booth.  But, not this time, all this stuff in the photos was gone before my show opened. And before the show was over they were sold out!!!! It just goes to show how well the selling is for us in Texas.  I wanted all this stuff for myself!  Cheers, lauri  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Marburger Farm spring 2014- my friend Shelley's space

Love the look of my friend Shelley's space @marburger farms. Where does she find this stuff?? It was awesome....
I wanted everything! Cheers, Lauri

Monday, April 7, 2014

Marburger Farms Spring 2014 my space

Loved my new space in A tent this time at Marburger Farms. What a great place to be surrounded by such wonderfully talented designers. Here are a few pictures of my space. And all my sweet friends. 

Happy 1st Birthday to our little princess!

Finally trying to catch up on my blogposts. A week before I left for Texas we celebrated my sweet grand baby Autumns 1st birthday she really is as sweet as she looks. Please check out the link to the video my stepson Jim put together of her party it is wonderful.