Friday, April 8, 2011

Texas Whirlwind

I have spent six months dreaming about my next trip to Texas and now that it has come and gone it seems like a dream. I have spent this week trying to recover from the trip obviously my body is trying to tell me something. Like you are not 25 anymore, and you can't drive for 12 hours at a time!!!! But, all in all it was a fantastic trip. If, you have never experienced Texas, there are no words to explain the fun, friends, and well, junk. Once again it was a fabulous show with lots of shoppers and sweet, kind folks. And on top of all the setting up, spending time with friends, shopping, and parties, the highlight of my trip was when Sue Whitney of JunkMarket, filmed a segment for a television show in my booth!!!! I was me it was huge. There are 350 vendors at Marburger Farms and for her to even consider my booth was a huge compliment. Thanks Sue for the love...... Anyway, I had so much fun, I can't wait to show you all my photos and share the stories. But, till then here is my space at Marburger Farms Spring 2011.......


  1. hey girl, i have felt the same way this week! your booth was gorgeous as always! let me know where to see the video that sue did. she did one in mine as well, hope i didn't look like a dork! it went too fast!



  2. Congrats on the video...also, glad that Texas treated you well...hope sales were good...I have read both up and down for this show. The Texas show is still on my "bucket list"...maybe next year...Tiff from the Cranky Queen...visit me sometimes...

  3. Whirlwind is the word! Seems like the only thing I remember is being tired! Can't wait to see the video Sue shot!

  4. Way to go Laurie! Sorry I missed you. Did you get to see Andy? We had a great show, whirlwind is right! Susan

  5. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the photos!
    take care,

  6. Lauri, I completely ADORE your booth! Am dying to come back to Texas and this time catch the Marburger show too. If I do, I will be sure not to miss you and your booth!