Monday, July 25, 2011

More Dress Forms.....

Hey y'all, I am sewing like crazy these days making dress forms. I have modified the pattern to my own style as well as the base. I am really loving this clock fabric a friend found for me. The best part is I met a designer that is selling them to local boutiques and jewelry vendors to use for display. Who knew? I pitched them to another friend at the Americasmart last week who was looking to sell them. Oooooooo please let that happen......... Can't believe how they have taken off. I might have found something that isn't easy to copy!!!!!! oh now I'm dreaming.......

I know you won't believe I made this one, cause I don't do color. But, the designer does! Wish me luck! Cheers, lauri


  1. good luck to you! i think these days it's practically impossible to be copy proof!



  2. Wish I liked to sew, they are just the most funnest all the fabrics, even the red!!! Boy that adorable grandbaby is gettin big Nana!

  3. Luck and more luck. These are fab...just like you.

  4. Gads Girl! Here I am, late to the "party" (again) so I hope that a HUGE "BRAVO!!!" is 'better late than never'! WOW-eeee-WOW!!! Miss Lauri, your dress forms are incredible! LOVE the fabrics you've covered each one in.... they all have their own 'personality' don't they? Wonderful!!! Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family, and that precious little "Nana's Love" too! xoxoKaren
    *** Heard from our Miss Marilyn today!!!***