Monday, October 3, 2011


Hey y'all, it was a little hot in Texas this time. Actually it was a lot HOT. I have never been so hot, and I can't believe that folks were actually out shopping. I was fortunate to have a great show but, the crowds were definitely down. We all had so much fun and I can't wait to tell you all about it. I have some great photos and can't wait to share the ones of my Lunch at the Prairie with Rachel Ashwell. OH, was it heaven. But, for now here are some photos of me and my favorites. We all had a blast!

I met Sweet Leslie aka Retreaux Girl Jewelry at the lunch and then she came by to see me with her mom and sister at Marburger. Love her!!!!

My sweet, sweet Shelley of sweet pea home, who was a life saver for me. we had so much fun this time.

Me and Melissa of Gunslinger of Bandera, she is the most precious friend, love her!!!!!

And Rachel Ashwell!!!! Pinch me now......This was the most fun I can't wait to go back and stay here. It is amazing, and she is the an inspiration to us all. I so enjoyed myself. More later guys. Cheers, lauri

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  1. it was hot, it was fun, and i loved hanging out with you! you rubbed elbows with some great women and can't wait to hear about your lunch at the prairie with rachel!