Sunday, April 29, 2012

I've been sent to spread the message, God Bless Texas!!!!

Hey y’all, as most of you who know me, I can’t stop talking about Texas, and all the fun to be had there.  This trip especially I was honored to be included with a group of bloggers to attend the second annual bloggers luncheon at Royers Café in Round Top, TX.  Now getting to go to lunch at Royers in an honor in itself, but the lunch also included the opportunity to hear an interview with the Master Decorator herself, Carol Hicks Bolton!  Wait I need to breath………I have loved her books for years and  her decorating style never hoping to get within 100 feet of her,  much less at a lunch with her personally.  Need I say more I am in heaven for real now.  Just to back up a little, Okay I’m in Texas, for me this is the best it gets.  Then I’m in Round Top, the cutest little and I do mean little, quaint comes to mind,  a place that just comes to life during the antiques shows and exudes this air of magic.  Yes the place is magical.   In fact, the little town itself is a site to see, with all of the little shops and don’t blink or you’ll miss it things to see.  The homesteads that surround the place are just like out of a novel, so unbelievable.  But, to get back to the lunch, such a fun time, it was hosted by Royers Café, and The Dallas Market Center.  A portion of the proceeds for the luncheon again were to benefit Dwell with Dignity. I can’t tell you how much fun the lunch was as well as the inspiring interview with Carol Hick Bolton, by Karen Royer.  I felt like a sponge just soaking up all her ideas and her fresh approach to doing was you love in your own way.  She was just an inspiration and I am so glad I had this opportunity. 

Me and Carol Hicks Bolton, pinch me I can't believe it!!!!

The Famous Royers Cafe from the outside.......

These are some pictures of Carol Hicks Boltons space at the Marburger Farms Show it was 2die4! 

How cool is this big ole ball, I wanted it.  Thank you Royers, Dallas Market Center and Michaela Webb for including me in this most special event!  Cheer, lauri

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