Sunday, September 7, 2014

August-a trip to the beach, a funeral, a birthday, and a wedding coming up......

This crazy roller coaster ride of life........I had always thought when I got older I would sit around and be board and travel a lot.  Nope none of that.  We always travel to the beach in August when everyone else has gone back to school and it's less crowded.  All year I look forward to this time and this year a week felt like an over night trip.  We almost postponed the trip knowing that my mother in law was failing and getting much worse.  So the whole trip my husband worried about her and felt uneasy.  We returned on Sunday and it was inevitable what would happen.  So preparing for this is never easy. At the same time trying to be excited for my sweet grandsons 4th birthday.

   Then we have his looming cloud of moving hanging over us. We just have no idea when.  One week it's on, the next month it's off.  We know we have no
desire to live in this area anymore with all the growth around us but, just can't seem to decide where to go or what the best deal is.  Do we take the offer or go with the appraisal and list.  Again that looming question, what to do.  On top of all that we have lived here 20+ years. You can just imagine how much stuff we have.  And big stuff like tractors, and trucks, an a loader.   Can't just put that stuff in any ole driveway.  So many days are filled with cleaning stuff out and figuring out where's all this stuff going???  I really never feel like I completely finish anything anymore.  I just jump around and put out fires.  Normally this time of year I'm packing up and heading to Texas for antiques week. But, no time for that either. I will miss it but I don't think I could find the energy even if it were possible. dang that must mean I'm getting old.......anyway just a quick post for now cause there's a wedding this weekend! Cheers, Lauri

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