Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Georgia or Alaska........

Holy cow...........where are we? I have never seen this much snow in Georgia in my life. And yes we are paralyzed......not used to this here. First it started with about 6 to 8 inches on Sunday night and then each day the high as been in the 20's and we are just stuck. Yes it is beautiful, but we Georgians just can't take it, I mean we are used to wearing flip flops in January. I finally ventured out today to go up to Lakewood and get things organized for the show. But, who knows if anyone will be able to show up. However, I will be there because cabin fever has set in. Hey and check out that little bear cub my son caught in his front yard!!!!! He's so cute!!! Cheers, lauri

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  1. Hasn't this weather been nuts? We have had two big storms up here (I live on Long Island, New York) and there's about 20 inches of snow in my backyard. My sister lives in Warner Robins, GA so I get the news about the crazy weather you are having down there. I only like to look at snow, not go out in it. But I have to say, at least we are used to it up here. It must seem surreal to see snow down there in the South!