Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dining Room Redo

I loved my white dining table and chairs, but when my mom passed away, she had this beautiful dining table and chairs in her house. My brother didn't want it and I couldn't bring myself to sell it. So it has been stored in my basement for all this time. I finally decided to redo everything and use it.

And when this beautiful satin wood french chest did not sell in Texas I decided to keep it. And I love the way it looks with the table. (please excuse the kitty she follows me everywhere)The best part is the gorgeous french provincial sideboard I got at Lakewood a while back painted grey. It is fabulous.......

I'm still missing the white but, I love this look. Cheers, lauri


  1. so pretty and i am droolin' over that sideboard. bet your mama is smilin....



  2. I love it! I'm kind of getting tired of all the white. Soon....Susan

  3. I love your new look..."your house" looks great in color! Tiffany
    Gotta get back over to Lakewood 600! Came in Oct. from AL, is it good in the summer months?