Sunday, May 15, 2011


I found this pattern online last week and was inspired to give it a try, I just love dress forms and they are great for display. But, they are usually damaged, dirty, and not in very good shape. So I thought how hard could this be? So I did it, and what do you think? I used some fabric panels I had bought for chairs to give them a french look. I really like the one I did out of painters cloth though and thought it might be fun to grunge it up a bit, I'll try that next........ So let me know what you think, do they look too homemade? If you like them, I might make some to sell. Cheers, lauri

Pattern is available on etsy at 4myfavoritethings.


  1. i think they are gorgeous my friend.



  2. I have to agree, these are really great! when I first looked I thought you'd stumbled onto a stash of something 'french' ....!

  3. I love them they look wonderful. You did a very good job on them

    I have one similar to those that has a wooden knob on the top and taking it to the flea market May 28th

    I just set up twice a year at a local Antique Shop Artichoke Annies on Interdatae 70

  4. I think you have just found another "hit". The forms look awesome, especially since they have your touch.


  5. Can you tell me where you found that pattern? They are beautiful!!

    THANKS so much!

  6. ohhhhhh i love those mannequins too.i did make one to.....onley with embroidery......
    Great job you have done here
    w.r.marjolein from the netherlands