Thursday, June 30, 2011

GUNSLINGER Bandera, Texas

Hey y'all check this out. I was so excited the other day to get my copy of Cowboys and Indians Magazine and see my coin purse necklaces in the Gunslinger Advertisement. WOW, my sweet friend Melissa Benge had told me they had put them in the ad but, I didn't know when it would be published. Look at the left hand side of the last picture and you will see it. And she has them for sale on her website at She is just the most precious person and is always one of my best customers at the Texas show. Please go check out her website and see all the wonderful things she has for sale. Lots of cool clothing, hats, boots, jewelry and home decor and if you buy something you will love it. I bought a hat from her earlier this year and when I got it there were little cowboys and indians in the box. Too cute!!!! Cheers, lauri


  1. melissa is the best! congrats!



  2. That is awesome! love the purse necklaces. Congrats! Tiffany