Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday and a winner.....

Today is my son Adams' 26th birthday, I feel so blessed to have such a sweet son, and so proud of the man he has become. And I have picked a winner of the Summer Rental giveaway........

Shelley Price

is the lucky girl, thanks for playing along. Cheers, lauri


  1. yay! my streak has ended! i have entered a bizillion giveaways and never won! thanks lauri and happy birthday to adam! gosh look how big that sweet baby has gotten! what a doll!



  2. Lauri,
    I found you through the Etsy Dealer where I bought the pattern for the manni's you sold at the last Lakewood 400 Sale (I left you a long comment on that post) & I ADORE your manni's! I see you live in GA. I had a friend visiting here last week & she lives in GA & tells me I need to come visit. I too am a lover of Round Top. I went last fall & again this spring.

    Congrats on that wonderful son (& family). It is soooooooooo nice to have our baby boys turn into wonderful men, husbands, & fathers isn't it? I just adore mine too. I'm Nonna as I see you're Nanna. So nice to meet you!