Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Americasmart January 2012

Hey y'all, so excited to show you some photos from the mart last week. I helped my sweet friend Deb one day, and then off to explore. These shots are from Peacock Park Designs, sweet Gina Galvin, and let me tell you it was the best!!!! She had doubled her showroom and everything was amazing........ I loved this full body mount deer in the middle of the showroom, stunning. I want one!!!! I have told my son the next one he gets we are doing a full body mount. It was awesome!!!!

I tried to get a picture of Gina, but she was crazy busy, They were giving out numbers to order.....It was a mad house.

Loved these black and white dishes.........

and the prayer boxes........

I'm in love with Pom Pom Home.......

And this cupboard was calling my name, and I don't even like blue, Carolina Furniture.....

Cute deer from Lancaster Market, they were crazy busy too. Thank goodness I live close enough to go down when everyone else goes back home........Cheers, lauri

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  1. oh how i miss going to the mart! gina's space was beyond fabulous!