Thursday, February 2, 2012

I'm in love with Ruffles!!!!!

Hey y'all, I decided I wanted new bedding and I decided it would be ruffles!!!! So excited to find this ruffled fabric and I sort of went crazy....... It just speaks to me, I'm crazy about it. Of course it is white and very delicate...... but, it is just to die for. Well, much more sewing to be done, I am so excited to have booked two more weddings, and I'm thinking tablecloths out of this!!!! Cheers, lauri


  1. Gorgeous! I Would Love to have all of It! Love all the ruffles!! So dreamy!!

  2. Hi lauri--I am your newest your blog--found you thru your old blog...I am a midwest girl that LOVES TEXAS!! I lived in Arlington for several years and my son and daughter in law were in waco for a few years...during that time we found Texas's little slice of Heaven--Marburger Farms and Roundtop...OH MY!!! LOVED it--and all the great vintage shops we found in Waco...Texas gets vintage right!! chris