Sunday, May 5, 2013

Autumn Faith Evans arrives.......

I'm finally getting time to update my blog after a much too long hiatus.  But, there have been a few things to keep me busy around here.  You are looking at the main one!  My sweet son and daughter in law blessed us all with this bundle of joy on March 21 of this year.  She is the most precious thing you have ever seen........As I type this she is 6 weeks old and I am going to try to post this in order to get you all caught up. 

Little Dean meets his sister for the first time, nana is holding her and Dean just isn't quite sure about her, but begins to open up to her real quick.

Me and sweet baby Autumn

My son, Adam, Katie, and Autumn Just a few hours after she was born.

Here are some shots of the nursery Katie and I designed for her

These ruffled curtains where my first and LAST!  19 rows of linen ruffles, I thought I would never finish them.  but, I love how they turned out. 

Little Dean being a great big brother! 

I felt so fortunate that Katie ask me to come stay with them when they returned from the hospital.  Of course, I dropped everything to go be with them.  And the first thing I did was called a newborn photographer that a friend had told me about and had her come and do photos at just 6 days old.  These were some of my favorites.

Yep if you can't tell, I'm pretty crazy about these two and look forward to many many long days with them, weeks, months, years...........cheers, lauri 


  1. My sweet honey baked...I don't know which is more beautiful...your space at Marburgers or those children? Aw...who am I kidding? Those babies are the blue ribbon winners! They are both gorgeous...just like their grandmother.
    Huge congratulations to all. Her nursery is perfection and y'all did an amazing job.
    Love you darlin'!

    1. Thank you sweet Deb and hope you and CD are doing better. So hated I missed seeing you guys in Texas. Next time for sure!!! love you guys bunches!