Sunday, May 5, 2013

Marburger Farm Round Top, Texas Spring 2013 Lauri Evans Designs

Finally getting around to posting some pictures of my space at Marburger this time.  This was a fabulous dresser, it had three matching pieces and a headboard all sold to different people!   

My buddy Kurt made these amazing bed crowns out of french bedrails then painted them, they were 2die4!!!

I absolutely loved how this came out, I had no idea when I got to TX I had so many black suit cases, some where in storage and some I took with me some I bought there, when I got them all together they were killer!!!! All sold but 2 and went to Dallas.

As always Texas was an amazing show. It never disappoints, and even the weather was not so bad this time, some rain, lots of wind, and surprisingly COLD! crazy for Texas.  Cheers, lauri      

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